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I’m bothered by how the outlet and plug don’t match

thats the point of the piece. she has insomnia so she cant “plug in” to sleeping. 

this is fucking perfect holy fuck

Me right now

This is my first submission, and I’m very excited to finally be a part of your lovely project! As I live in a populated area, going outdoors was a bit risky for me. But, I decided to use materials that I have gathered from the outdoors. Drying flowers and plants is more than just a hobby for me - it is the preservation of the natural form, the transcendence of beauty as a living form to a lifeless one. In this photo, I feel that my body fits in to be an additive layer of the hanging plants. I’m still very much alive, but in the context of the photo, the beauty in my form is preserved just as theirs is. 

I was immediately taken with this submission when it came in. I’ve always loved the aesthetic of hanging dried flowers, and in contrast to your body they look even more beautiful. I love the colour and tone of your submission and the way you’ve almost half dressed yourself in the plants by the way you’ve chosen to layer yourself behind them. Really  beautiful first submission, thanks for contributing this week. -Trouble